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> Kipos Cottages - Bluebell

Skiathos , Skiathos Town (near), Villa

Kipos Cottages - Bluebell

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Short Description
At a glance, Kipos Cottages, a complex of four detached, autonomous buildings amphitheatrically situated on a ever-green hillside above the beautiful sandy beach of Megali Ammos. ...


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KIPOS COTTAGES - BLUEBELL  Terms & Conditions   

Business Url :   http://www.holidayislands.com

Payment Policy

You must pay 25% up front. The rest is to be paid 60 days Before Arrival

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel from 59 days to 30 days there are 50% cancellation charge as a percentage of total invoiced cost.
If you cancel from 29 days to 15 days there are 75% cancellation charge as a percentage of total invoiced cost.
If you cancel from 14 days to 0 days there are 100% cancellation charge as a percentage of total invoiced cost.
If you don`t show there are 100% cancellation charge as a percentage of total invoiced cost.

Earliest Check In Time:   14:00

Latest Check Out Time:   11:00

If you wish to have an earlier Check In or Late Check Out, please contact us prior to your booking.

KIPOS COTTAGES - BLUEBELL  accepts bookings depending on room/unit type and minimum stay of:

01/05/2014 - 01/06/2014 departure with minimum stay 5 days.
01/06/2014 - 01/07/2014 departure with minimum stay 5 days.
01/07/2014 - 20/07/2014 departure with minimum stay 5 days.
20/07/2014 - 21/08/2014 departure with minimum stay 5 days.
21/08/2014 - 01/09/2014 departure with minimum stay 5 days.
01/09/2014 - 01/10/2014 departure with minimum stay 5 days.
01/10/2014 - 31/10/2014 departure with minimum stay 5 days.

Notes :  

In these conditions “the company” shall mean Thalpos Holidays and “the client” will mean the person in whose name the booking is made and accepted.

1. There will not be any contract between the company and the client until :
a)The company receives a completed and signed “Booking Form” and the necessary deposit, and
b)the booking has been confirmed, accepted and invoiced by the company, and
c)the company has received the final payment on time and has sent a “Final Confirmation Invoice” to the client stating that all monies have been received.

2. All deposits by the client should be made in the following sequence :
a) A 25% of your total holiday cost should be transferred to our company as soon as we have reserved for you the accommodation that you require and you have signed and sent the “Booking Form”
b) The remaining 75% of your total holiday cost must reach us 60 days prior to your arrival, at which point you will receive a “Final Booking Confirmation Invoice”

The company reserves the right to cancel your booking with no refund if payments are not received on time. We must receive the initial deposit of 25% within 5 working days from the day that we have blocked your requested accommodation. The final payment should reach us 60 days prior to your arrival.

3. In the event that you cancel your holiday the initial deposit will be forfeited. If such cancellation
occurs within 60 days prior to arrival the following additional cancellation charges will be made:
▪ 50-30 days prior to arrival : 50% of the total cost
▪ 29-15 days prior to arrival : 75% of the total cost
▪ 14 - 0 days prior to arrival : 100% of the total cost
▪ No shows will be charged : 100% of the total cost

If you decide to leave your accommodation earlier, no refund will be given for the remaining days. Any payments made for holiday extras (such as taxis, boat hire, car hire, transfers, etc) are non-refundable. Cancellation shall only be effective when written notification is received and acknowledged by the company.

4. Should the company make any major change or cancel the booking after the date when the final
payment is received the client will have the following choices :
a) purchasing another available holiday from us
b) canceling the holiday and refunding all monies paid to us as of that day

5. In the unlikely event of over booking by a hotel, villa or other service supplier, of which the company is not aware we will provide an alternative accommodation of similar cost. If the cost is lower than the one originally booked, we will refund the difference.

6. The company will pay damages calculated in accordance with Greek law in respect of death and bodily injury suffered by any member of the party strictly within the premises of the booked accommodation caused by the negligent act or omission of its employees or by one of its suppliers, provided that they were acting within he scope of or in the course of their employment and on the company’s business.

The company requires from the client and all listed in the “Booking Form” to have travel insurance with adequate coverage. Please take advice from your insurers and your local travel agent.
Any claims should be made prior to your departure in writing. The claimant agrees to assign the company their rights against a supplier or any other person relating to the claim. The claimant agrees to give his full co-operation in the event that the company or its insurers wish to enforce the rights assigned to them or to which they are substituted.

Although Thalpos Holidays will always do our best to provide accurate and reliable travel information to assist our clients in travelling to and from the islands, we are not responsible for the accuracy of  this information. As with all public transportation, schedules are subject to change without prior notice.
7. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract which can not amicably be settled,  should be resolved by a simple method of arbitration and if this fails by a Greek court of law in Skopelos.

8. The client agrees to :
a)Not permit anything to be done to the rented property that might lead to damage or to                                      invalidation of any contract of the insurance of the property. The cost of replacement of any broken, damaged or lost items during the tenancy shall be charged and paid for by the  client prior to his departure.
b)To vacate the accommodation by 11.00am on the departure day unless other agreement has been made with a staff member of the company.
      c)Not to sub-let the accommodation.
d)Never leave a child or anyone with mobility problems and or anyone with poor swimming abilities to use the pool unsupervised. Please refer to “Important Information” for more information on “pool use and safety”.

9. The client must notify the company in the event of a ‘no show’ on the agreed arrival date. Without prior notification, the company reserves the right to cancel the booking with no refund.

10. “Important Information” as set up below, constitutes part of the booking conditions.

If you have any questions concerning your holiday or you require more information please let us know. We will
be happy to help you make the right choice. Through our network of agents, we can also help you with information and reservation in any areas of Greece.
How to book
Contact us for availability for the accommodation you have chosen. If the accommodation is available we will reserve it for you until we receive by mail a complete and signed “Booking Form” and the necessary deposit is transferred to our account. For speed we will accept a facsimile copy of the “Booking Form” and the bank receipt acknowledging the transfer of the necessary deposit to our account until we receive the originals. The reservation will be held for a period of 5 working days for the “Booking Form” and deposit to reach us.
How to pay
To secure your booking, we require a deposit of 25% of your total holiday cost to be transferred to us. Payment may be made by a money order sent to the National Bank of Greece or by sending us a personal bank cheque. The remaining 75% of your holiday cost is due 60 days prior to your arrival. Payments may be made only in EURO, GBP or USD. Please note that all bank transfer fees and fluctuations in exchange rates are the responsibility of the client. Any balances still owing on arrival are payable in resort in Euro Cash the day after arrival (sorry, no credit or debit cards).

What documents are you to receive from us?
1.“Deposit Confirmation Invoice” which will confirm that we have received your “Booking Form” and appropriate deposit and will verify the remaining balance to be paid.
2“Final Confirmation Invoice” which will indicate that all funds have been received and, therefore, the booking procedure is now completed.
All persons listed in the “Booking Form” must have travel insurance with adequate coverage prior to their arrival.
Safety & hygiene standards
Safety standards and regulations may not reach the same levels as those of your homeland. Clients should familiarise themselves with the accommodation, always being aware of hidden dangers involving swimming pools, balconies, terraces and stairs, especially if travelling with children or people with mobility problems. Please keep the emergency numbers, to be found in your “villa book”, to hand. You can also reach a member of staff 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Cleaning and pool service as well as linen change is provided twice a week except Sundays, including the arrival clean.
Pool use & safety
Never leave a child or anyone with mobility problems and/or anyone with poor or no swimming abilities to use the pool unsupervised. Adults must take turns being the “watcher” to protect children from possible pool accidents. Do not allow them to enter the pool without the supervision of an adult with adequate swimming capabilities. Do not use flotation devices as a substitute for supervision. Keep rescue equipment by the pool. Remove toys from in and around the pool when it is not in use as toys can attract young children to the pool. No jumping, diving and/or running around the pool. Do not use the pool during a thunder storm as the water might attract lightning. During the Greek siesta times of 14:00-17:00, please be considerate of pool noises in the vicinity of neighbours. Use of pools is not allowed from 23:00-06:00 for your own safety. Do not open the box or compartment which contains the pool pump. Do not change the settings in the pool’s control box.
Pregnancy and health
For safety purposes we regret that we cannot accept clients who have passed their sixth month of pregnancy. For those clients already on medication, please bring adequate supplies of your medicine or ask us to find out if your specific medicine may be found in Greece. If you have mobility or other health problems, please contact us for advice on suitable properties.
Generally pets are not accepted although requests can be considered on an individual basis, but not guaranteed. For properties where special permission has been given to allow pets, a 250E refundable cash deposit must be paid by the client on arrival. The property will be inspected prior to departure and the deposit will be refunded if no damages have been made.
Wasps, flies, mosquitoes, ants, field and tree rats and mice are usually the same type of pests you find in the countryside at home – you may also find them here! To avoid unwanted guests, keep all doors and windows closed especially when you are away from the property. Do not keep any food outside storage cabinets or the fridge. Wipe clean all surfaces after food preparation and meals, including terraces after outdoor dining.
Power, Water and Other
Power and water cuts are, unfortunately, common in country locations throughout Greece. These cuts usually do not take place for more than a couple of hours. We do not take responsibility for power and/or water cuts which are due to the public providers and/or caused due to their works. As a result of these cuts, hot water boilers, swimming pool pumps and generally all appliances that use electricity and/or water may be unusable at  the time of occurrence. Maid service and pool cleaning may also be disrupted due to power and/or water cuts. If the problem is due to a fault in the property we will respond as soon as we are notified. Due to the country location of most of our properties, this might be within a few hours up to twenty-four hours according to the seriousness of the problem. If the problem renders the property uninhabitable, i.e. no electric and/or water and/or flooding or damages due to these cuts for more than twenty-four hours from the time that the  company was notified (i.e. representative, office and/or our emergency numbers), you may ask us to provide you with an alternative accommodation of similar cost. If the cost is lower than the one originally booked, we will refund the difference. Please be assured that all properties are thoroughly checked before each season to avoid these types of problems but some damages are unforeseen and unavoidable.
Service office and representatives
Our representatives are available every day except Sundays and can arrange a personal villa visit upon request to answer any individual queries such as excursion offers, car, bike and boat rental, busses and taxis, information on beaches, exploring possibilities and much, much more. In addition, a Thalpos Holidays villa folder will be found in each accommodation with detailed information, including nearest shops, restaurants and beaches. 24hrs emergency numbers are provided in your villa books.
Each client is met on arrival and given driving instructions to the property as well as a welcome letter including telephone numbers to our offices, representatives and emergency contact numbers. Depending on the island, clients drive independently via hired car to their villa or by pre-booked taxi where appropriate. Alternatively we will meet clients at the arrival port and escort them to their villa. If clients prefer not to be met on arrival, we can arrange to email driving instructions and the welcome letter.
Car hire
The company ensures that your pre-booked car will be of good quality and be delivered to the port/airport on your arrival. As car hire company policies vary from island to island, please see our car hire link for your particular island destination for insurance and detailed information. Damages to tyres and the undercarriage are not covered. Any unused rental days are non-refundable. All cars must be returned with a full tank, otherwise the car hire company will ask you to pay the difference or charge the expenses to your credit card. Damages in excess of CDW which are not brought to the car hire company’s attention prior to your departure, will be charged to your credit card by the car hire company and they will post a receipt to your home address. Any hange of VAT or local tax as well as any substantial increase of insurance costs will affect any rates quoted. Please note that all cars booked through Thalpos Holidays that have not been pre-paid, are payable in resort in uro Cash upon arrival. In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to arrange for these costs to be paid direct by credit card. Please check with our office staff.

DRIVERS’ QUALIFICATIONS: Drivers must be over 23 years of age and have held a valid driving license for a minimum of at least 1 year. ** Please note that anyone without an E.U. driver's license must carry an ‘International Drivers License’ in conjunction with their home country license.
A current credit card (not debit card) or a deposit of approximately 500 Euros is required as a guarantee to cover the cost of petrol, any accidental damages, etc. For drivers under 23 years of age, please contact our service office for special insurance additions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: the above “Important Information” constitutes part of the “Booking Conditions”. Please copy the entire file, then sign and send it to our office by fax or mail. I have read, understood and accept the above “Booking Conditions” and “Important Information” on behalf of all persons listed in the Booking Form and I confirm that I have not made any amendments to the original Booking Conditions sent to me by Thalpos Holidays.