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Rent a car

In Skopelos, car hire is as easy as anywhere in Greece but as it is a small island car models are limited compared to other larger destinations. The same applies for Alonissos car rentals. In Skiathos, car hire choice is wider but for all three Sporades islands it is best to pre-book your car at least 30 or more days prior to your arrival. We also offer a limited number of rental cars with automatic transmission and mini buses for larger parties.

We at Thalpos Holidays and as many of our clients choose to book their car through us, will provide you with better quality cars and at competitive rates. We will make sure you have the car waiting for you at the port on arrival and make sure everything is in order. As we give a lot of business to car hire companies we negotiate better rates and quality than usually what one can get through other sources. Even if you have a discount from one of the main street suppliers we will not only much their offer but make sure you get an upgrade whenever this is possible.


Hyundai Atos or similar


Gertz a/c, Picanto a/c or similar


Citroen C3 a/c or similar

Suzuki Jeep, a/c Jimny, 4X4 or similar

Suzuki Jimny 4X4

Suzuki Jeep, a/c Jimny, 4X4 or similar

Suzuki Vitara 4X4

To pre-book a car through us you do not need to have booked your stay with us. You may choose to book only your car hire through us and pay by credit card if you so wish.
All hired cars are offered with C.D.W. ( Comprehensive Damage Waiver), and all taxes included. We may additionally provide you with an extra insurance issued by our supplier to cover the excess and damages such as windscreens, tires, etc. To find more please contact us at info@holidayislands.com or call us for a quote.