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Special Interest Holidays in Skopelos, Alonissos and Skiathos

For many years and prior to clients' requests  we have been organising a number of special interests holidays to fulfil the need of many of our guests who wish to focus on a specific activity or hobby whilst away from home. We employ English-speaking professionals with long tutorial experience and extensive knowledge of Greece .

The majority of guides, tutors and teachers are professionals and/or highly motivated individuals with a long time offering their knowledge and entusiasm to ispired travelers.  Please request more information on any of the activities that interest you and we will give you all the information you require.

For this Summer, we have introduced what we call “Cuisine Locale” which is no other than an opportunity to holiday in Skopelos, Skiathos or Alonissos emphasizing on each island’s local cuisine traditions. Transfers, accommodation and dinner included in the holiday option.

Find out more  in our featured services page.    

Art & Sports and leisure

Here are some examples of the activities, courses and special interest holidays we have been offering to our clients:

Watercolour workshop - Workshop may focus on painting the spectacular scenery found on the islands, town and beaches of Skopelos and or Alonissos. Instruction for experienced and beginners.

Painting holidays - Courses in painting, printmaking and screen printing.

Greek dancing classes – A 2-5 day course is great fun and equips you with the basics of Greek dancing in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sport – Alonissos Marathon and half Marathon walk/run for International Environment Day – races of 10, 21 and 42klm with prizes. Walking holidays – June - Guided walks throughout the lush and scenic island of Skopelos and or Alonissos.

Scuba diving – May to October - Diving School in Alonissos provides instruction for the beginner and PADI Certified diver- Explore the fabulous undersea world around Alonissos and the Deserted Islands. As of 2013 diving can be arranged also in Skopelos.

Drawing holidays - A course in drawing, printmaking and book-making

Printmaking/sculpturing holidays - A life casting program which explores the creative possibilities of body gesture and facial expression with alginate, a mold material used in theatre and special effects industries.

Pottery holidays - Week long or weekend courses are available Pottery and sculpturing courses for beginners and advanced potters.

Excursions, Cruises & History

Aegean Paradise – This day long boat trip takes you to the Alonissos National Marine park, home of the endangered monk seal. This cruise makes a short stop at the port town of Alonissos , Patitiri, then heads up the coastline visiting secluded beaches for swimming and sunning. Stops at the ' Blue Cave ' are included before reaching the deserted island of 'Kyra Panagia' where you will have the option to hike up to the exquisite monastery from which the island gets its name. This fabulous spot on the hilltop enjoys spectacular views of the area and is where the captain gives an informative talk on the monasteries' history as well as information on the Marine Park itself. The day includes lots of swimming, snorkelling and lunch onboard the boat.

Greek Night/pool party - A fun and fantastic time packed with wine, food, music and dancing. Entertaining traditional Greek dancers keep the mood light and lively and the local character, Vassilis puts his own unique style to the dances of the islands!

Discover Alonissos - This all day cruise takes you to the island of Alonissos . You will have a chance to visit the old village of Alonissos 'chora' where this picture perfect town is suddenly booming into a small artists' community after the earthquake of 1967. With the chance to walk through the hillsides back to the port – you will then cruise the coastline of this pristine island visiting some of its loveliest beaches. With plenty of chances for swimming and snorkelling as well as visiting another of the Sporades Islands , this outing is a favourite with many visitors of Skopelos.

Athens and Meteora – Day trips to both of these amazing and historically important sights are available from Skopelos and Alonissos. For further details, please inquire

** please note that the programs above are indicative only and subject to change/cancellation at anytime.

Please contact the reservations department for further information on these special interest holidays and excursions at info@holidayislands.com