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For the 1st time in summer 2006, Thalpos Holidays is offering the addition of walking holidays to our Skopelos Island program during the month of June. Especially chosen by us for her experience and love of Skopelos, we introduce Birthe Leth Nielsen, who has been guiding walks here since 1992.

With her vast knowledge of the island and its flora and fauna, she seems to know every nook and cranny of the Skopelos countryside. A variety of walks will be offered to the interiors of the island revealing delightful white chapels, fresh mountain springs and stunning views of sea and nature.

Mountains covered in pine forests and valleys overflowing with wild flowers abound on this lush island of green and blue. Our walks will include plenty of stops for taking full advantage of the spectacular views along the way. Each walk will also include an ideal stopping place for a picnic lunch or end with a meal at a seaside taverna. Along the way, you will learn about details of the plant, animal and bird life of these pristine islands.

Between the abundant forests of pine, there is a rich variety of nut and fruit bearing trees including olive, citrus, plum, almond, chestnut and walnut. Not only is there a spectacular variety of wildflowers such as orchids and iris, anemones, freesias and poppy, there are lots of wild herbs as well. The older islanders remember well, their mothers and grandmothers using these herbs for medicinal remedies for anything from the common cold to kidney stones. Among the various herbs found here are bay leaf, rosemary, chamomile and oregano, which is a favorite in Greek cooking.

Walking holidays

Our walks will include visits to a traditional ‘kalivi’ or country cottage, seeing the workings of a traditional prune oven and making a stop at one of the islands’ many chapels and monasteries. You will learn how the islanders collect resin from the pine trees, which is used to flavor the infamous Greek wine, retsina. We will also include a visit to a honey producer.

Bird enthusiast will delight in the variety of species found in the Sporades Islands which include, the Elenora Falcon, hawks, buzzards, vultures, eagles and owls which can be spotted in the interior of the island. Herons, kingfishers and seagulls are among the many species found at the seaside.

All in all, Birthe will keep an interesting and informative dialogue up which will include history, folklore and a broad knowledge of these islands. She has even written a walking guide to Skopelos which is quite well known among walkers and hikers. Join one of our walks whilst visiting the island and let her show you the hidden treasures and surprises of the Skopelos countryside.

See Birthe's suggestions below:


Skopelos Town – Stafilos Beach – Start approx.10 AM
Lovely walk on the old donkey track which was existing long before the asphalt road was made - leading through olive groves to Stafilos beach. It is possible to buy snacks and drinks at the beach and there is also a taverna for lunch.
This walk is approx. 4km and is fairly easy.
Price: 8 Euro/person (bus ticket for return not included)

Skopelos Town – Panormos – Start approx. 9 AM
Beautiful nature walk on donkey tracks and dirt roads leading through olive groves and pine forests dotted with chestnut and plane trees. The trails are lush this time of year with spices and wild flowers, plus there is plenty of bird watching to enjoy. We pass refreshing springs, small chapels and breathtaking view points. We enjoy our picnic lunch in a peaceful spot and relax in the shade before hiking the last bit to reach the village of Panormos . After a long beautiful walk, the crystal clear sea welcomes for a refreshing swim and you can take the bus back to Skopelos when you have had enough sun, sea and swimming.

This walk is approx. 10 km and has a lot of uphill in the beginning (to get the great views..).
Price: 15 Euro/person (lunch and bus ticket for return not included)

Klima – Machalas – Glossa – Start approx. 06.50 AM
We take the local morning bus to the village of Klima which was badly hit by an earthquake in 1965. We look around in this interesting historic village before continuing down the donkey trail to Machalas – the oldest village in Skopelos – and further to the village of Glossa . Glossa is the 2 nd largest town on Skopelos Island, yet very untouched by modern society. We take a long well-earned break on the main square where the local men hang out drinking ouzo and playing backgammon.

It is possible to enjoy your lunch in Glossa or maybe you prefer to take the bus back towards Skopelos Town , getting off at one of the many beaches you pass on the way.

This walk lasts approx.2 hours and is fairly easy.
Price: 15 Euro/person (bus ticket not included)

Evening walk – Start approx. 5 PM
This walk takes you around Skopelos Town on the small paths and trails that lead around the village. You will see the town from a new side and get some more insider information about the everyday life here. This walk also takes us to the local cemetery, which is an interesting visit.

The walk takes approx. 3 hours and is mainly easy.
Price: 10 Euro/person

The Big Challenge – Start 8 AM
This walk takes you up the mountain to some of the beautiful monasteries in the Palouki area. The first visit is made to Sotiris monastery which is approx. 7km from town – mainly uphill - but what a view !!!…. It is possible to enter the monastery which is inhabited, but you must remember to cover shoulders and knees.

After a well earned rest we continue towards the 2 monasteries of Ag. Taxiarchon and Ag. Anna. They are both very well hidden in the hillsides above the sea and are uninhabited today. This is one of the most peaceful spots on the entire island and all you can hear is the freshwater spring and the birds. On your way up from the monasteries, the magnificent view of the sea and Alonissos and the deserted islands of the Marine park will make you forget all about sore muscles. Once we are back on the dirt road – then it is mostly downhill until we reach Skopelos Town again.

This walk takes approx. 8 hours and requires good physical shape + lots of water and snacks for the road. A MUST for the more experienced hikers.
Price: 20 Euro/person

If you would like something special she is very flexible and happy to arrange any kind of hike to any corner of the island for beginners as well as for experienced hikers.

Maybe you would like a private hike for 2 or more persons or what about a lovely mountain walk including a well prepared picnic with local delicacies. Anything you have in mind please feel free to make a request to info@holidayislands.com and we will do our very best to make your day!