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Weddings in Sporades Islands

Did you ever dream of a Mediterranean style wedding? Perhaps a picture of a glistening white village on a sun drenched Greek island comes to mind. With a backdrop of clear blue skies, sapphire seas, and the deep green of thick pine forests, maybe the perfect place is waiting for you in the Sporades Islands.

If you plan to have your wedding reception in Skopelos , Alonissos or Skiathos we can ensure you that we know how to organise a perfect wedding for you and all of your guests. As wedding planners in Skopelos we have been organising wedding parties and receptions for small or large groups of visitors and have been able to keep everyone happy and free before, during and after the event. The smallest party we handled is 5 persons and the largest is 164 guests arriving from everywhere in the world at different times and with different requests. As the island became more famous with the shooting of the film “Mamma Mia”, and due to the publicity it gained we have many couples from all over the world that have or wish to have their wedding in Skopelos. We at Thalpos Holidays and due to our experience as travel agents to handle groups of people, will make sure that you and each of your guest will get the best service as we feel that we represent you.

If you weren't sure of how to go about it, had questions about legalities and paper work, much less the all important ceremony itself…you can leave all of that to us. We at Thalpos Holidays can help to make your wedding dreams come true. We take all of the guesswork out of planning a wedding in a foreign country and can start by answering many of your questions here:

Weddings in Greece

By giving you an example of what we can organize for you, we hope you can rest assured knowing that we will provide any or all of the following:

  • Advise you on papers you will need for a civil marriage in the lovely, historic town hall of Skopelos, capital of the Sporades Islands 
  • Selection of several beach venues available for wedding ceremonies www.holidayislands.com/weddings/venues/
  • Provide a translator at the wedding ceremony for you and your guests
  • Flowers, balloons and ribbon decorations at the hall and reception venue
  • Transportation to the wedding hall and reception by chosen mode; car, horse-drawn carriage, donkey, mule or boat!
  • Catering of full course wedding dinner party
  • Wedding cake
  • Professional photographer
  • Storage of wedding gifts and shipping to your home address
  • Wedding gift from Thalpos Holidays

We will also handle:

  • Accommodation for wedding couple and guests
  • Transfers to and from Skiathos or Athens airport to Skopelos/ Alonissos accommodation including boat tickets.
  • Organize themed excursions for wedding couple and guests.
  • Print wedding invitations or wedding programme, including activities for your guests, itineraries, time schedules, etc.
  • Free web address announcing your wedding and “visitors’ guest book” plus a joint mailing address johnandmarywedding@holidayisland.com with forms to be completed by your friends and family that will
  • be joining the wedding party, maps and interesting information, etc.

If you have something special already in mind or have any requests other than what is listed above, we will make our best effort to provide them for you.

Everyone knows that planning a wedding can take up to a year of stress, loads of expense and often times you don’t even get to enjoy the day. Save stress, time and money by letting us handle the details. You only need to relax, leave the planning to us and show up for your extra special day that will have friends and family talking and reminiscing for years to come! So, what are you waiting for…start your wedding plans today and look forward to a summer wedding that dreams are made of, in the Sporades islands.

Weddings can be arranged on Skopelos and Alonissos Islands. Any inquiries for A Skiathos wedding will be diverted to a trusted Wedding Planner.

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