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Weddings in the Sporades Islands - Requirements

Thinking of having your wedding in Greece? Let us do all the paper work for you and guide you through the requirements needed for a civil marriage in the beautiful island of Skopelos. Please keep in mind that all details we describe might change so please ask us if there has been any change.

There are several requirements of foreign nationals wishing to apply for a marriage license and have a wedding ceremony in Greece. If you are not an EU national, you must have a valid tourist visa. In addition, the following documents are required:

  • A valid passport/travel documents
  • Certified copies of both parties’ birth certificates with an official translation from the Greek foreign ministry
  • If applicable, a document verifying the termination of a previous marriage (death certificate or final divorce papers) with an official translation
  • Confirmation by their consulate in Greece that there is no impediment to the marriage; for instance, that there is no existing un-dissolved marriage and that neither party is under 18 years old
  • A copy of the local Greek daily newspaper in which the wedding notice was published 15 days to three months before the marriage ceremony (done by Thalpos Holidays)

Thalpos Holidays will submit all the documents listed above to the local municipality to apply for the marriage license. The license is usually issued seven days after the application is submitted and is valid for 6 months. An application is then submitted to the Mayors office and the wedding date is set. Two witnesses must attend the wedding ceremony which can be provided by Thalpos Holidays if necessary. Witnesses must present official identification cards or passports.

Civil marriages take place in the Town Hall of Skopelos and a number of venues includes some beach locations and are performed by the Mayor or a municipality official. Finally, once the ceremony is performed, Thalpos Holidays will register the marriage with the Office of Statistics.

You can enjoy Scopelos scenery while we do the work organising your wedding! Our wedding and event planners will do what it takes to have a memorable wedding or special event.

A less formal wedding party in one of the many Skopelos beaches.