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Long stretches of sandy beaches fringed with abundant greenery and flowers, Zakynthos has the coastline of the drier southern islands with all the beauty and greenery of the verdant Ionian. With enough rainfall throughout the winter months to keep the vegetation, Zakynthos enjoys more sunshine than any of the other islands.

Home to the Loggerhead Turtle, ‘Caretta-Caretta’; threatened by extinction, the island takes its conservation very seriously protecting all beaches from further development or commercialisation. As well as the stunning coastlines and views much of the island is dotted with the beautiful stone properties that are typical of the area, a reflection of their Italian culture from past times, of whom referred to it as ‘the flower of the Levant’.

The town itself still has a very Venetian feel to it and many of the buildings in the centre managed to survive the 1953 earthquake that razed most to the ground. Wandering the shops until late in the evening with the locals and ‘watching the world go by’ in the many cafeterias give you a real sense of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Although certain resorts on the island have inherited the island a reputation of being suited to a younger clientele this couldn’t be further from the truth, and although very lively resorts do exists, they do not infringe on the rest of the island.

A trip around the island towards Skinari and the ‘blue caves’, or a detour through the inland villages will show you some of the most spectacular scenery on the island and as well as the crystal clear turquoise water the isle is famed for. The many beaches range from quiet and remote to full of family entertainment and water sports and for many visitors the beauty of the island is finding their favourite stretch of coast and soaking up the rays and crystal clear waters.